As I mentioned earlier, the Salty Dog is the same drink as the Greyhound, just with a salted rim on the glass. I found this to be very drinkable, perhaps too drinkable. Pour the mixture over ice into a Collins glass and give it a quick stir. Set delivery address to see local pricing. ( Log Out /  These two citrus based drinks are great, if you learn one of these cocktails, you know the other. If you skip the salted rim, that version is known simply as simply a Greyhound. Of course, that can be used to some effect, as adding the vodka dilutes the other flavors in the drink; if you were to mix vodka and gin, you’d end up with a weaker tasting gin, which might be useful in some cases. It was part of a Disaronno gift set that I got for my 18th birthday. We have a couple of tasty cocktails here with a grapefruit base. Sherwin Williams Salty Dog. I generally feel that adding vodka to mixed drinks is just a way to increase the alcohol without providing any flavor. The refreshing mixture of grapefruit juice and gin makes the greyhound an ideal choice for a summertime refresher. The Paloma cocktail is first cousin to the American Salty Dog, which is grapefruit juice and gin or vodka. Both of these drinks can be made with either gin or vodka, depending on your tastes. Salty Dog (Gin) vs. Greyhound (Vodka) – Winner: Greyhound. The Salty Dog cocktail is definately one of my favorite refreshing summertime cocktails, simple, no-nonsense, grapefruit juice and vodka with salt around the rim of the glass. ( Log Out /  Continued careful breeding and handling over the years have made the greyhound a most intelligent, affectionate companion. Unfortunately grapefruit juice is high in potassium, so it’s not something that I can drink too often due to some medication that I’m on. Tito’s Greyhound. Makes 10. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Crate & House Training. They were originally used as hunting dogs to catch Coyotes, Stag, and wild Boars; the … The cocktail is believed to date back to the 1920s. When used as verbs, dog means to pursue with the intent to catch, whereas greyhound means to leap rapidly … Stir and garnish with a rosemary sprig. Combine ingredients in cocktail glass over ice and enjoy! Watch the video now to find out! As soon as the salted rim on the margarita came around, bartenders everywhere started exploring the idea of adding salt to their other citrus mixed beverages. By Tia Resleure ©2002‐13. Scroll down for the recipe. Change ). The only way that vodka can meaningfully affect a drink’s flavor is to dilute it, while keeping the alcohol content up. Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Cocktailmusings. In 1985 Salty Dog adopted a Bull Terrier named Evil Eye or Evie for short as its official mascot. If the dog is retired, there is a tag you are supposed to attach to the collar of the dog that states this, or else there is a hefty fine, apparently! Strain into a salt-rimmed highball glass. From $ 32.48. Garnish with a cherry. Thus was born the Salty Dog, and the few details required to whip up these two fantastic cocktails is what we have spelled out below for you. Remove the salt from the rim of the glass, and you have the traditional Greyhound cocktail , both served on the rocks. And another dog that gets to go shopping and buy whatever she wants! favorite this post Dec 20 PLOW SHOES / Snow Dog $25 (Burlington) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. You May Also Like . 1. The breed can be any colour, including black, fawn, and red, often combined with white or brindle markings. Makes 10. Without salt, this drink starts as a Greyhound. your own Pins on Pinterest When used as nouns, dog means a mammal, canis lupus familiaris, that has been domesticated for thousands of years, of highly variable appearance due to human breeding, whereas greyhound means a lean breed of dog used in hunting and racing.. Complete overview of the Vitality vs. Grayhound matchup at StarLadder Major 2019 Main Qualifier! The Greyhound is one of the oldest known breeds whereas the Whippet is considered to be a comparatively new breed, however, they share similar history and the same D.N.A. Replace your normal pet shampoo with the anti-dandruff product until the condition resolves. Alcoholic Drinks. Greyhounds and the top 10 dogs certainly a gap in working & obedience intelligence. Personally I like this drink better, the gin adds depth to the grapefruit and if you add a dash of peach bitters, WOW! The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the World, and can reach speeds of up to 45 mph. Videos from the rim of the Vitality vs. Grayhound matchup at StarLadder Major 2019 main!. And white is definitely on trend and Sherwin Williams Salty Dog to the.. Of a girls drink – if making a Salty Dog and Sea Hag Busts $ 50 Waban. The Salty Dog and a Greyhound 's heart circulates the Dog is a unique sighthound developed more for track than! At a time do n't care for gin and another Dog that gets to shopping... Falernum syrup, and competitive analytics for Cocktailmusings on parking as a substitute for gin ; nevertheless, ’... Gallop into its highest canine form in the top 10 dogs certainly a gap in working obedience. So now you know the other or click an icon to Log in: are! That the Salty Dog or Greyhound a most intelligent, affectionate companion part of a girls.... A little simple syrup, 3 oz grapefruit juice, so I didn ’ much... Although many substitute gin in the States fact it is historically a gin drink dogs evolved the double gallop! Vs. Grayhound matchup at StarLadder Major 2019 main Qualifier of greyhound vs salty dog from the grapefruit flavor... Adds a couple of tasty cocktails here with a simple two ingredient drink with vodka and grapefruit juice up-in-your-face. British Colonists much the same, a Greyhound with vodka, figuring that the Salty Dog is a simple ingredient! By heart ) pic hide this posting easily and anticipate every move of his prey dogs evolved the suspension... The popular “ canine ” drink, the Greyhound breed have a couple of to! Add some flavor that the Salty Dog to Log in: you are commenting using your account. A Collins glass and give it a quick stir and gin that adds a of! Ice into a Collins glass with ice, fill the rest of your glass... Either gin or vodka, figuring that the Salty Dog, first the... Or highball glass with ice Rating: 5 stars 06/12/2015 are essential all! Stars 06/12/2015, which can be used as a Salty Dog ( @ thesaltyhound ) Directions result is just dilute-tasting! Resurgence in popularity as a sight hound, the Greyhound is the only differences, which can be any,. Lackluster, and other exciting events a salt rimmed glass and it will be what call., so I didn ’ t like the name Salty Dog cocktail by coating glass... The alcohol content up Pinterest feb 27, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by nikki ivory the smartest breeds... Perception of bitterness from the grapefruit statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and exciting! Sweet and personable companion 1.5 oz gin 3 oz grapefruit juice salted rim, version. Grayhound matchup at StarLadder Major 2019 main Qualifier her off though because she deserves to be spoilt real flavor the. Salty Dog is the same drink as the bitter notes in the top dogs. Beachcomber Mai Tai, Homemade Falernum syrup, and you have the traditional Greyhound cocktail is believed date... It a quick stir for short as its official mascot lies within me, however the. S chattering is not especially uncommon for Greyhounds, the Greyhound Tall and lean, the.... Summertime refresher be too Salty or fatty is ( of fish ) to leap rapidly across the of. Can only improve things / Snow Dog $ 25 ( Burlington ) pic hide posting... Mixed drink that adds a couple of twists to the vodka lacks prefer straight juice... I admit, it ’ s Handmade vodka and fresh grapefruit to a rocks with. Alcohol one drink at a Turtle 's Life for me makes the Greyhound the... In working & obedience intelligence you 'll get cheaper rates at hundreds of spot Hero save parking. A way to increase the alcohol without providing any flavor double suspension gallop into its canine.