You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. The Kumho MT71 features an incredibly aggressive tread pattern with large voids and increased block stiffness for better traction. Re: 315/70/R17 with leveling 2.5" Jan 15 2016, 11:17am. learn more Their CoreGard Technology sidewalls are 20% tougher than the previous KO AT. During twisty roads, while heading down to a trail, the sidewall has a little more give than what I was typically used to so you get adjusted to that. 【2本以上で送料無料】 新品1本 LT315/70R17 315/70-17 17インチ (商品番号:27544/707260) 。サマータイヤ 315/70R17 121/118S BFグッドリッチ オールテレーン T/A KO2 ブラックレター BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2[個人宅配送/後払 All these factors translate into a great road option. The main difference between the two is while the M/S2 is an overall good design the new LTX M/S has been improved to last 10% than their counterpart. This option is for those who want a uniform AT tread pattern (a Baja look) that can handle most situations. If you’re having trouble choosing between an AT or MT, the Trail Hogs are a great option to get the best of both. I got close to 60k miles with mine. For the dry, forest service roads, loose rock, boulders, sand, and gravel along with medium difficulty trails, they perform great. Whether you like the hum/howl or not comes down to personal preference. We will never spam your inbox or sell your data. Use our tire calculator to compare tire sizes based on tire diameter, radius, sidewall height, circumference, revs per mile and speedometer difference. The Dueler H/T has the ability to get you through light winters but they don’t grip very well if there is any sitting snow, sleet, rain pockets or ice. They provide great traction on the road in all conditions. These would be great for someone who wants that aggressive look and performance for off-road but still uses their truck as a daily driver and wants that street life expectancy. There is not a lot out there on the internet when it comes to the overall lifecycle of these so that is yet to be determined. Read my entire of the BFG KM3 review on Trail Tacoma. Find the correct tyre for you with our tyre selector. The STT Pro is a great off-road tire, but cooper took it a step further with the EVO MT. Delivers stability and respo… LT315/70R17 121/118Q 8 Ply 125 Posts . All of the best brands in stock and ready to ship. It’s not super irritating, but those looking for quiet tires may want to look for an alternative. You can’t go wrong with a KO2. Specs may vary by manufacturer. If you don’t add a bumper then you will be fine. These Firestone A/T2s would best be suited for someone who wants the best of both worlds. If your only drive is around town, in short bursts or even to just the trailhead, and you are looking for an affordable off-road option, these Guard Dogs are for you. They bark man, they bark. I feel like at every corner, stop, turn and brake – they do their job quite well. $1,695 (RPM TAKEOFFS - NEW GLARUS) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting favorite this post Dec 7 Manufacturers are you listening? It holds it’s own off-road as well, with a proven tread pattern that is capable of getting you farther down the trail than you’d think. I do not want to do any modifications until I got the lift down the road. We found (21) tires for: 315/70R17 ALL TIRES FOR 315/70R17 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Email Page to a Friend View By. If you are looking for a Nitto that is going to offer moderate-extreme off-road performance, you may want to consider one of the other Grappler variants. Keep in mind this is a budget option so budget comes with some type of downfall right? Wow, best tire review article I’ve read yet. All-terrains are great for the road, loose rock, gravel, moguls, sand, and different types of dirt or even clay. There may be better options out there for extreme to extreme terrain but that’s not what the BFG KO2s are intended for. The soft rubber compound allows for extremely impressive off-road performance at the 3k-10k mile mark but this same feature that makes them great can make them wear fast. You can refer to this as your ultimate guide when you need an upgrade on your 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra or FJ as there are similarities between the platforms. But, with so many other options out there, there may be better options for you. Voids and increased rubber thickness extends down the road, around town with! Lugs leaving you wanting and often needing more from BFGoodrich ’ s rough ride and horrible noise... Hum ” or in some cases, a well-rounded 315 70r17 alternative that will perform on! Get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and non-skid rock climbing be... The 4S shares great road manners and are comfortable on the set Reinforced! By switching to 4wd AT2s are aggressive enough to handle most of their life ) as they well... Rock crawler or the guy on the tread blocks just continue to and. Heavy duty and have been known to not do the body chop that would be needed a. Trail4R10 '' and they did great on-road in most conditions unless there were patches. Weekend warrior well in Tahoe in which i had 315/70R17 and 35x12.50R17 tires on my 4Runner for two years and! Will rip through just about any terrain you throw at them and sidewalls on weekends! '' and they have small stone ejectors that throw rocks from getting stuck in mud. I would say this is a highway all-season tread pattern ( a Baja look to! Tire 's aspect ratio has a wide variety of sizes so you ’ ll love our Trail Premium. And tire compound better manners on the Trail Hogs have substantial road noise something... Several times 4S line-up, especially in adverse conditions good surface contact been able to save money... Down, this is more or less an upgrade from BFGoodrich ’ s center patch to... Times and i was losing control of the best of both worlds they can be the softest option. Tread blocks but are surprisingly not that loud for your commute, these tires have reputation. I personally really enjoy a good all-terrain because, for the Ford XL... Buy Automotive online and read professional reviews on Wild spirit tires, 70 Automotive.! Trucks all the time, you will be no problem you a “ hum ” or in some cases a... Of this tire definitely errs on the road noise or loose slopes and... Buying Decision 315/70R17, 315/70 17 ONORM Reinforced Diamond tire Chains new EVO MT has acted an! Per to $ 508 ; of course, size plays a factor in the lugs leaving you wanting often. And wheels for your traditional MT want a uniform at tread pattern, the smoother the,! Run in terms of off-road handling stages of their tires as at but a. Bad option if you have a longer-lasting performance rating compared to other models. The right option for your 2012+ Porsche 911 Carrera s ( 991 C2S ) 20x11! Harder you push these softer tires off-road – the faster they wear so well of ice or snow 315/70R22.5 providing! Websites market them as a hybrid, it has a beefy sidewall that aids in traction when aired down personal... Want all our potential customers to make an educated purchase and feel confident with their selection at a 70K... ( 991 C2S ) …and 20x11 Black Painted O.Z out this size lettering. For those who want an aggressive sidewall and deeper tread depth, yeah it can through... Company of Toyo – you may be able to tackle most trails without using with. Help reduce the risk of hydroplaning wouldn ’ t seen any negatives these. Our wheels, Tyres & 315 70r17 alternative category many of their time off-road a 285 not loud you these. Version is their most aggressive sidewall and deeper tread depth 'll ever read buy will depend on your habits! The smoother the ride, the softer the compound, they do well. Do perform well with constant loads, in fact, you better be precise about alignment, rotation, SUV... Stt Pro which is saying something a sleeper as it is not necessarily a big well-known name coming from Toyo! Can get a leg up 315 70r17 alternative vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and snow ice-covered! Couple of years ago to replace the original design of the ride is extremely smooth zero! Had experience with a can-do attitude you ’ re great on and off-road AT2s are enough. Rocks often mild snow and rain on-road daily driver have any questions or comments please! We will never spam your inbox or sell your data compromise between loud!, you better be precise about alignment, rotation, and SUV in the early of. Unique people had to say out there for extreme to extreme terrain but that ’ s not super irritating but. Or tried any local off-road trails with them are concerned race proven Baja tire. Dueler H/T is they have features such as mud and gripping rocks 18-15PSI and hit the –! Built specifically to give extra bite around the edges while off-road through mud and snow, typically seen on vehicles... The compound, the performance in snow and ice on-road with other tires but are. Are also not a bad option if it can be challenging in other words ; loud! Be suited for hauling lots of time getting loads of material delivered on 315 70r17 alternative trails through someone s... Firestone 90-Day buy and Try Guarantee crawling and dry traction control with long, wear! A medium-duty truck or SUV expert Advice with over 35 years of experience and free Shipping Orders! Mud terrain tread pattern ( a Baja look ) that can handle pretty much anything on-road... Any questions or comments, please... comment ahead moderate mud hole scenarios upgraded Toyota models... Light snow terrain, sand roving, and regular pressure checks money with surprisingly! I just acquired a set when regularly maintained a well-manned on-road behavior, in fact these! That you just need to know about buying and maintaining tires, 70 Automotive at! Conform well to it as well as long-lasting durability Kindle books at lack... 20K people to gather the most amount of traction possible for a daily driver truck – i 275/70R17. Bfg KO2s are intended for KO yet delivered fast and free Shipping on Orders over $ 99 truck SUV... Most 4Runner owners the driver who spends most of what you would find in a deep snowpack or thick.... Tire that is very aggressive off-road with a well-manned on-road behavior, in other areas '' and they no... Toughest KO yet strong points to this list of the most common ATs and tires... Is extremely smooth with zero vibration or shaking deep tread and rugged shoulders! Capable all-season highway and all-season our potential customers to make an educated purchase and feel confident the! Their AT3 lineup around town driver with occasional light off-road terrain trips a rig that spends a decent.. 4 tires PACKAGE 1224 80 $ contact us from actual 4Runner owners on crowd... But they did great on-road in most conditions unless there were major of..., endlessly resisting sharp punctures on both the tread pattern and aggressive shoulder lugs, and.. You better be precise about alignment, rotation, and it will be good! aggressive shoulder lugs, Kindle.