Adrift in the Pacific Ocean, the men set out to recreate one of the greatest feats ever: the 4000-mile trip of Captain Bligh in a tiny wooden boat after the mutiny on the Bounty. Offical Channel 4 Press Statement . Ant is assuming the role of Captain Bligh and will lead the expedition. Meet the men recreating the Mutiny on the Bounty for Channel 4. He is best known as the Chief Instructor on the Channel 4 television series SAS: Who Dares Wins.Middleton also appeared as the captain in the adventure/reality-show Mutiny and the survival show Escape.In 2018 he climbed Everest for the TV show Extreme Everest with Ant Middleton. The most famous sea story of them all has everything: adventure, sex, cruelty, violence, the most glamorous of heroes, the wickedest of villains. The mutiny on the Royal Navy vessel HMS Bounty occurred in the South Pacific Ocean on 28 April 1789.

Then there were the storms, which threatened to capsize the boat, and dangerous reefs, one of which they encountered at night. Ant Middleton stars in new Channel 4 documentary Mutiny Credit: Channel 4 Along the way they faced storms, famine and the biggest test of their mental strength, which will … Host and former UK Special Boat Service member Anthony Middleton steps into Captain Bligh's shoes, joined by a carpenter, a doctor & some specialist sailors. Channel 4 to recreate legendary Mutiny of the Bounty voyage with Ant Middleton taking the 'Captain Bligh' Role. Ant Middleton is well-known for his role as Chief Instructor for Channel 4’s hit show, SAS: Who Dares Wins. Anthony Middleton (born 22 September 1980) is a former British soldier, adventurer and television presenter. And what a bizarre project it was that was to make her famous. In a unique experiment Channel 4 will challenge 21st century men to re-live one of the greatest feats of maritime adventure and endurance in naval history. SAS: Who Dares Wins chief instructor Anthony Middleton is among those attempting to … Disaffected crewmen, led by Lieutenant Fletcher Christian, seized control of the ship from their captain, Lieutenant William Bligh, and set him and 18 loyalists adrift in the ship's open launch.The mutineers variously settled on Tahiti or on Pitcairn Island. Bounty. They battle storms, reefs & Australia's shark-infested waters.