No longer stocked. הטיפ של MUTTI. Disclaimer. אם אין לכם את הרוטב לפיצה של Mutti, אפשר להשתמש בעגבניות חתוכות דק Mutti Polpa ולתבל במעט שמן זית, מלח ואורגנו; אפשר להכין את הפיצות מראש ורק לחמם מעט לפני ההרכבה הסופית Mutti Flavoured Pizza Sauce. mutti polpa pezzi 2.5kg . mutti polpa 4.050kg ... Mutti Polpa Pezzi 12 X 690g . We no longer stock this item. Please Login to Buy This Product. Add to wishlist. Please Login to Buy This Product. ... Pizza sauce – for a perfect pizza. Add to wishlist. NEW YORK, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mutti®, Italy’s #1 tomato brand, and one of the fastest growing brands of shelf-stable tomatoes in the USA, is launching its newest product line, Mutti® Sauces for Pizza. Polpa – Mutti was responsible for the first Tomato Pulp ever produced made from the heart of the best Italian tomatoes, which are harvested and processed the same day, without preservatives or additives being used. Mutti pizza sauce can also be diluted without losing its organoleptic characteristics so a smaller quantity of product can be used per pizza while still maintaining high quality flavour. WishList . The full taste of sun-ripened tomatoes. From the very beginning, back in 1925 when Mutti wins the Palme d’Or at the Universal Exposition in Paris to wining Great Taste Awards in 2020, where Mutti won seven awards which included Mutti’s Polpa, Passata and Tomato Double Concentrate all receiving a Gold Star award, and the Mutti Pelati and San Marzano taking a Gold Star in 2018. This page serves as a summary for information purposes only, and are designed to enhance your shopping experience on the Ocado website. $0.00. The new Mutti Sauces for Pizza line joins the portfolio of 100% Italian shelf-stable tomato products, including Finely Chopped Tomatoes (Polpa), Cherry Tomatoes (Ciliegini), Whole Peeled Tomatoes (Pelati), Puree (Passata), Double and Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste (Doppio Concentrato and Triplo Concentrato), and more. WishList . Mutti Pizza Sauce Spicy 12 X 400g .