Tough as old boots, these loved or loathed "lilies of the Nile" (they're not really lilies or from the Nile) will cope with all kinds of weather and are strong enough to hold up an entire sandy bank. Native tussocks belong to three genera: Chionochloa, Poa and Festuca. Another sun-lover is Rubus x barkeri, a bramble with horrible spines but architectural style. New Zealand Native Garden Google Search Design Pin Backyard, #backyard #design #Garden #Google #Native A garden is never finished - it's A Mini Pool is quickly set up, often surprisingly … Available from Marshwood Gardens. In warm subtropical climates exotics grasses such as mondo grass and Lomandra are more likely to last the distance. It can cope with frost too but (and this is its only "but"), it doesn't like being planted in a soggy soil in an area with frosts – who would? $8.50. The cheery golden color brightens up the shady side of a coastal landscape, and this grass tolerates salt winds with ease. Lomandra is beloved by landscape designers for mass planting as it flows beautifully in the wind and doesn't get tatty. In small gardens the neatest fern carpet is made by Blechnum penna-marina, which prefers a bit of moisture and only grows 10cm high. Hardy cranesbill geraniums have gorgeous foliage and flowers in shades of white, pink, blue and purple. These Australian tussocks also have a tidy manner about them as opposed to other grasses which require grooming, plus they're not a martyr to slugs and snails. Strong leaf colours are tempting to use for groundcover. The NZ Native Plant Nursery has filled the market gap left by the defunct Waiuku operation, The Native Plant Nursery, and is producing high quality New Zealand native plant stock. The secret with groundcovers is to find contrasting colours and textures to build up abstract patterns on the plot you are smothering. Its warm winter colours of khaki and rust-red look fabulous en masse, so put this spreader in a large space – perhaps dotted with more upright divaricating shrubs. Their clump-forming and promiscuous self-seeding habits have earned them official weed status by DOC and various regional councils across the country. Mobile. Bronze ; Green ; Lime ; Red ; Grasses. A little pampering, especially at planting time, will help grasses … The superhero of the toughies, these succulents are perfect for anyone with fingers of death because  semper means "always" and viven originates from "vivus which means "living". 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Stumble This; Share on Delicious; Share on Facebook; Tweet This; Tags: Design, Garden, gardeners, landscape design native, landscaper, landscaping, Landscaping & Design, native, native landscape design, native landscaping designs, native landscaping ideas in nz, new, Nick, Plants, Robinson, The Environment; Now is the time to re-invent native … 'Thunderstorm' has variegated yellow and green foliage and the sweet semi-dwarf 'Seafoam' has pure-white flowers. All three native species look similar so if you struggle with this try the easier Scleranthus brockiei. Despite their names, swamp flax (harakeke or Phormium tenax) and mountain flax (wharariki or Phormium cookianum… Their cupcake-wrapper petals and frothy foliage might not scream out "staunch as" but, don't be fooled by these easy-care bee magnets. Coprosmas root as they go, so can be usefully propagated by spade. ... New Zealand native … They can be a bit rough as well as tough if you come into contact with their milky sap, which is a touch irritant and hell for eyes, so wear gloves when handling them. Best of all, you don't need a huge garden to enjoy them... read more. a generous mat over summer months just 10cm high. Most of the 24 species of Chionochloa have a tussock growth form – so do three important Poa species and three Festucaspecies. Sempervivens, aka house leeks or hen and chicks are exceptionally hardy plants. Rather than struggling with truckloads of pebbles and rolls of weedmat, there's a much easier way to keep the weeds down on your plot. Many perform well in shade. Not to be confused with the widely grown pelargonium, which is frequently labelled a geranium, well-named hardy cransebill geraniums are the real deal. Despite their names, swamp flax (harakeke or Phormium tenax) and mountain flax (wharariki or Phormium cookianum) both grow in mountainous and coastal areas throughout New Zealand. Grasses are great space fillers. There Are Grasses And Strappy Plant Varieties Available At The Plant Store. Grasses … All plants mentioned are available from Oratia Native Plant Nursery or Naturally Native. Check out the  yellow and white bicoloured 'Lemonade' from Egmont Seeds. He put his degree on hold to play professional rugby, but did gardening work on the side, and even competed in the Ellerslie International Flower Show and Singapore Garden … Let's get started! All the different flax varieties available originate from these two species and come in a glorious array of colours from chocolate brown 'Dark Delight' to 'Alison Blackman' with stripes of olive, yellow and orange. Reaching only 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide, it's happiest with regular water in the landscape … V310 - container, volume 310cc. They're also known as hen and chicks because the rosettes produce new plants which spread like a mat. They are relatively easy to maintain and most species and varieties are fairly self-sufficient, and suitable for a range of conditions in the garden. They'll tolerate poor soils and flower until a hard frost. Apr 12, 2017 - Ornamental grasses are perennials that provide a wonderful change of textures in the landscape. Try to picture your native garden … Shop Today! In the prairie garden, the addition of grasses helps keep all of the plants upright.