Parish Nursing Training Share: Facebook Twitter Linked In Print Email. Nurses who are lay people, and who expect to remain lay people, should pursue the Certified Lay Ministry Parish Nurse specialization. Email. He/she works with the members of the health ministry … Spring 2017, May … More than 4,100 nurses and others have been introduced to the concept of Christian caregiving as parish nurses, including strategies to begin a congregational health ministry. This program integrates a Christian caregiving framework to developing a holistic congregational health and parish nurse … The parish nurse is a registered nurse who is committed to — and, on a broad level, is an integral part of — the concept of LCMS Health Ministry. Training to become a Parish Nurse Christian Caregiving : A professional development course for RN’s, clergy and others interested in parish nursing and congregational health ministries. Parish Nursing (or Faith-Community Nursing) is the specialized practice of professional nursing that is focused on the process … “Meshing parish nursing with the certified lay minister (CLM) program provides a system of training… Winner of the 2003 Fred Graham Award for Innovation in Improving Community Health