They are tropical plants and are rare here in the Northwest, but we have been very successful growing them here. From shop UrbanCottageCo. For the past few weeks it is limp, growing downward and just wilting a little. It offers a wonderful contrast between rugged performance and a gracefully open form and delicate pinnate compound leaves. It is in great health and is in need of a home where it will be … Staghorn Ferns are as cool & artsy as a houseplant gets. slider closed. Staghorn ferns can be grown outdoors year-round in tropical areas, US growing zones 9 and 10. They can live for decades and can be divided and handed down for many years. Staghorn ferns are epiphytic perennials, commonly called air plants, and do not require soil for successful growth. Ferns can be a lovely addition to any home garden and there are a few species that stand out among the others. Google+ 0. Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. 5 out of 5 stars (1,894) 1,894 reviews $ 17.00. Facebook 0. Buy Staghorn Fern - Plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. A unique houseplant specimen. wood block. td> The Wearne's Staghorn Nursery is a small family nursery, who take great pride and joy in the care, mounting, sale and shipping of our staghorn ferns. It’s ready to move if you are ready to buy it. closed. Select a large, hardwood board such as oak or mahogany to mount the staghorn fern. Staghorn ferns can be prone to mealybug and scale. It gets its name from the shape of its leaves, which can look distinctly like antlers! This is a beauty! To avoid needing to remove your fern from the wall, prune it periodically as the fronds begin to overwhelm the board. The roots attach to the limbs, but are not detrimental to the tree. They are great planted in a planter, but the really cool thing is that they can also be mounted on By Dee Archibald. It will grow where other plants struggle and easily adapts to poor soils. What to Expect. You can attach the plant to a timber frame (as above) and then mount it on a wall, but in our segment Don mounted a staghorn straight onto the wall, as per the following steps. But take it from me, finding a staghorn fern is more of a specialty item that you would find at a nursery. You can take one for $300 or the lot for $1250. Ponytail Palm Care Outdoors: Answering Questions. Staghorn ferns can grow to be large and heavy, so if you want to grow a staghorn fern at home, the fern must be mounted on a sturdy surface. I bought a staghorn fern about 2 months ago and it looked great. A slow growing plant, they exhibit glossy green fronds that remind many of deer antlers. Staghorn on wood block can be displayed indoors horizontally or vertically, once the plant has grown over the wood block, it can be hung on a tree if desired Originally attached to an oak tree as a small plant, this amazing fern has grown to over 6 feet in diameter, almost 4 feet tall and 3 feet deep. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Beautiful large size staghorn ferns attached to a tree for sale. It did suffer some leaf burn from frost and freezes. Elkhorn Fern. The plants have two types of leaves, one of which resembles the horns of a large herbivore. Most species of staghorn ferns grow in Florida if their growing requirements are met. Get Pricing and Availability. Christmas ferns are the first on our list of favorites. Pinterest 0. Feed your staghorn fern a 5-1-1 fish emulsion fertilizer. The fern will grow quickly and cover up the wire of the basket, also emerging from its sides. A staghorn fern plant is a tropical variety of fern, which comes in about eighteen varieties. I had the best luck mounting a staghorn fern that had a relatively flat shield (the brown shield-like part of the plant base). Staghorn fern can benefit from the application of a fertilizer with a 1:1:1 ratio; as always, be sure to follow label instructions. Use Current Location. How To Grow A Staghorn Fern Indoors. 2 talking about this. A mass infestation can be treated with horticultural oil sprayed throughout the plant, thoroughly rinse the fronds off two days later … This plant has a short rhizome from which both sterile and fertile fronds sprout. Mount your fern somewhere that is light but shielded from direct sunlight. Please note that you will need to remove them yourself. Each plant certified and labelled by licence. This tropical epiphytic fern can grow to monstrous proportions and live for generations. Step 1: Start out with a healthy staghorn fern. Follow the fish emulsion fertilizer instructions to apply it to your fern. A: This is actually an interesting question. Platycerium biforcatum (Exotic Staghorn Fern). Beginners are advised to start with the “easy-to-grow'' species, which are readily available at local nurseries. Cassie. Moosehorn ferns are a gorgeous, lesser-known cousin of the staghorn fern.Mounted on rustic wooden boards, their large, round shield-shaped fronds warp around the plant's roots and branch into antler-like foliage from the top of the plaque. *T&Cs - item sold as is, each item is as honestly and thoroughly described as possible and photos are indicative, so please note the images. Grown for the fascinating foliage Elkhorn and Staghorn Ferns are shade lovers and grow well mounted onto trees, or backing boards. Well I think this is just the thing! Favorite Answer. It is mounted on a plaque and in sphagnum moss. It is still small enough that I can move it easily into my greenhouse and I … Pet friendly! 4 Plant Offer (Limited Quantity) Platycerium Staghorn Fern, Uniquely shaped fronds appear in shapes of elk or stags horns. Plant Care • Light: Place in bright, indirect light • Water: Water when the top 1-2" of soil feels dry • Considerations: Staghorn ferns like high humidity and grow best in warm temperatures; mist the foliage regularly.As epiphytes, they also are good candidates for mounting. Aloe Vera 101. It is on the wall in the bathroom with a skylight and I make sure it gets plenty of humidity from a … A unique houseplant specimen. Only 2 available and it's in 3 people's carts. The Staghorn Fern is such an interesting plant that it will become a conversation piece and your companion for years. You can grow a staghorn in a hanging basket or on a piece of rough bark. Answer Save. Staghorn ferns can grow to well over 100 pounds (45 kg), which makes them impractical for mounting. Overview. It look to … This organic fertilizer is used on tropical plants like the staghorn fern, and is on the milder side. We no longer have a suitable location in our yard and would like to see it go to a fern lover. This plant grows outdoors in warm season locations and indoors elsewhere. Staghorn Ferns are one of the coolest most fascinating plants to use in home decor. The Staghorn Sumac is a large spreading shrub that is a great plant for use in areas where its utility value and ornamental value can be appreciated. There are reports of people who tuck pieces of banana peel under the leaf shield of young plants, where it decomposes and becomes more nutrition for the plant. Staghorn Fern (L2457hp) Item #74632 Model #NURSERY. I’ve been working on a little botanical gallery wall at my place lately and I wanted something to bring it to life. Your Staghorn Fern comes on a 4 in. This can be removed with horticultural oil on a Q-tip applied to the affected area. Repeat once per month to give your staghorn fern the nutrients it … 4 Answers. The sterile fronds are rounded and form a sort of involucre which encases the branch on which the plant is attached. DIY: Staghorn Fern Mount 1. This type of fern stays green throughout the year and is an easy addition to a home garden. Relevance. Both definitions accurately describe the staghorn fern. 0 0 *KiM* Lv 6. Staghorn ferns (from the genus Platycerium) look very much like deer or elk antlers and can grow to be quite large and impressive.There are 17 species of Platycerium, but only one (the bifurcatum) is truly common.The P. bifurcatum is native to Australia. Staghorn Fern, Various sizes plant, Platycerium bifurcatum, Mature ADULT fronds grow to at least 16" long like mother plant in PIC # 8-10 UrbanCottageCo. How to Grow Staghorn Ferns Outdoors. This staghorn fern is in great condition, its robust, looks healthy, has no damage and is ready to mount in any position. How To Garden On A Budget. However, they can be a bit challenging so here are some tips for growing them indoors. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The Best Tips For Growing Your Own Balcony Garden You can find more houseplant info in my simple and easy to digest houseplant care guide: Keep Your Houseplants Alive